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Week Date
Lab Presenters
1 09/12
Orientation: What is Corpus Linguistics?
2 09/19
[National Holiday]
3 09/26
Corpus Building, Processing, and Evaluation

a) BYU/BNC Tutorial

b) BYU/BNC Homework

4 10/03
Corpus Pre-processing slide 

[1] Stefan Th. Gries and John Newman. Creating and Using Corpora

[2] Arene Fritschen and Piklu Gupta. Lemmatising and Morphological Tagging. In:Corpus Linguistics. An International Handbook, Vol. 1 (2008), pp. 552-564.   
Amber Wang
5 10/10
[National Holiday]
6 10/17
Corpus Annotation (I) slide 

[3] Eric Atwell. Development of Tag Sets for Part-of-Speech Tagging. 

[4] Hannah Kermes. Syntactic Preprocessing.
Word Sketch Engine exercise GaoGao;
7 10/24
Corpus Annotation (II)

[5] Paul Rayson and Mark Stevenson. Sense and Semantic Tagging.

[6] Sophia Y.M. Lee, Ying Chen, Shoushan Li and Chu-Ren Huang.  Emotion Cause Events: Corpus Construction and Analysis.
  Amber Wang;
8 10/31
Corpus Annotation (III)	

[7] Dawn Archer, Jonathan Culpeper and Matthew Davies. Pragmatic Annotation. In:Corpus Linguistics. An International Handbook, Vol. 1 (2008). pp 613-642.

[8] Tuija Virtanen. Corpora and Discourse Analysis.  In:Corpus Linguistics. An International Handbook, Vol. 2 (2008). pp 1043-1070.
9 11/07
Corpus-based Analysis (I)

[Guest Lecture] Prof. Laurent Prevot.
Annotation Quality  
10 11/14
Corpus-based Analysis (II): Synchronic and Diachronic Variation slide

[9] Gaetanelle Gilquin and Stefan Th. Gries. (2009). Corpora and Experimental Methods: A State-of-the-art Review. 

[10] Christian Mair. Corpora and the Study of Recent Change in Language.  In:Corpus Linguistics. An International Handbook, Vol. 2 (2008). pp 1109-1125.
11 11/21
Corpus-based Analysis (III): Corpus methods in Cognitive-Functional Linguistics.

[11] Michael Hoey. Corpus Linguistics and Word Meaning.

[12] Walter Kintsch, Praful Mangalath. (2011). The Construction of Meaning, Topics in Cognitive Science 3 pp 346–370.
12 11/28
Basic Corpus Statistics (I)	 

[13] Christopher Manning and Hinrich Schütze.(1999). Collocations.

[14] Douglas Biber and James K. Jones. Quantitative Methods in Corpus Linguistics. 
13 12/05
Basic Corpus Statistics (II) and Term Project Proposal

[15] Marco Baroni and Stefan Evert. Statistical Methods for Corpus Exploitation.

[16] Michael P. Oakes. Corpus linguistics and Stylometry.

Ambre Denis;
Sin Ying

14 12/12
Web as Corpus / Brain as Corpus

[17] Anke Lüdeling, Stefan Evert and Marco Baroni. Using Web Data for Linguistic Purposes.

[18] Serge Sharoff. Creating General-purpose Corpora using Automated Search Engine Queries
Sin Ying
15 12/19
[Guest lecture]: Corpus Methods in Language Teaching  
16 12/26
Methodological Issues in Corpus Linguistics 

[19] Stefan Gries. (2006). Exploring Variability within and between Corpora: Some Methodological Considerations.
17 01/02
Class Project Workshop
18 01/09
Term Paper Due