Empirical methods have revolutionized nearly all subfields of linguistics in the recent years. Since the 1990s, language resources, in particular the corpus, have played a vital role in virtually all empirically-oriented linguistic studies.

This course offers an introduction of corpus linguistics for linguistic graduate students, including the necessary tools, techniques, and analyzing methodologies for doing corpus-based studies and corpus annotation projects. Existing major corpora will be scrutinized for a better understanding of their linguistic uses. To keep students up to date with the latest developments in corpus linguistics, rationals and methods for using web as corpus will be the main focus as well. Goals of this course include: [1] passing on essential knowledge and skills in building, annotating and searching corpora, and [2] familiarizing students with the methods to perform a corpus-based quantitative analysis of some linguistic phenomena. Students will also gain hands-on experience in the lab session, and learn how to formulate research questions by working on a specific topic of their own interest.