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IOL 2017 will be held in Dublin, Ireland, from July 24 to July 30. Taiwan will form a team to participate. All secondary school students residing in Taiwan are eligible to participate in the test. Registration is now open until 14 February, 2017. The qualifying test will be held in 19 February at National Taiwan University. 15 students with the highest scores on the test will be selected to join the training program, and the 8 student will be chosen later as the participants representing Taiwan teams.

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How do I participate?

There are three steps to taking part in Taiwan's IOL team.

  1. Register online for Taiwan test
  2. Take part in NTU-sponsored training
  3. Attend IOL as a Taiwan delegate

What is the IOL?

The IOL is one of 12 International Science Olympiads for secondary school students, and has been held annually since 2003. Each year, teams of young linguists from around the world gather and test their minds against the world's toughest puzzles in language and linguistics. No prior knowledge of linguistics or languages is required: even the hardest problems require only your logical ability, patient work, and willingness to think around corners. Give some past problems a try!

What is the TOL?

The Taiwan Olympiad in Linguistics (TOL) is a contest for secondary school students in solving linguistic puzzles. These puzzles require only logical ability, patient work and the willingness to think around corners. No prior knowledge of linguistics or second languages is required. Students learn more about the knowledge of world languages and improve their abilities of observation, logic and awareness of diversity while solving problems involving language data. Everyone is welcome to give it a try to explore the wondrous realm of language and experience its gems.