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I. 活動名稱:中文 AI 知識庫與自然語言處理核心套件研討會活動時間:5/22 上午 9:00~12:00*此為免費的線上研討會活動,歡迎點閱 [ 活動網頁 ] 報名參加。 II. 活動名稱:第四屆語言分析黑客松活動時間:5/22 下午 1:00~5:30*此為免費的線上解謎活動,歡迎點閱 [LingHacks 活動網頁] 報名參加。

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[賀] 本實驗室錄取 ROCLING 2020 口頭論文三篇

We are pleased to inform you that your paper submitted to ROCLING 2020 has been accepted as an <Oral> paper. The paper will be published in the ROCLING 2020 conference proceedings and included in the ACL Anthology. Please read the comments carefully and revise your paper accordingly. Mitigating Impacts of Word Segmentation Errors on Collocation […]

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[活動]第三屆語言分析黑客松即將在 5/18 舉辦


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