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[賀] 本實驗室錄取 ROCLING 2020 口頭論文三篇

We are pleased to inform you that your paper submitted to ROCLING 2020 has been accepted as an <Oral> paper. The paper will be published in the ROCLING 2020 conference proceedings and included in the ACL Anthology. Please read the comments carefully and revise your paper accordingly.

  • Mitigating Impacts of Word Segmentation Errors on Collocation Extraction in Chinese (廖永賦、謝舒凱)
  • Lectal Variation of the Two Chinese Causative Auxiliaries: A Logistic Regression Analysis Approach (石晴方、古冒昌、謝舒凱)
  • An Analysis of Multimodal Document Intent in Instagram Posts (陳盈瑜、謝舒凱)

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