Monday, October 08, 2015

Before we get started …

  • install the package "datasets" and load it in
  • "datasets" contains a bunch of built-in data for you to explore

  • We would use "ChickWeight" in this lab session

Recap with quick questions

Question 1

  • How many rows and columns within the data?

Question 2

Which column is an ordered factor?

Question 3

What does "Time" column stands for?

Question 4

How can I access the data within the first 20 rows?

Question 5

How can I access the data with 50 rows from the bottom?

Question 6

There are 50 levels with "Chick" column.

What are the exact labels for the 50 levels?

Question 7

How can I retrieve the information

at row 546 and colomn 3 to 4?



  • What is the total weight of the chickens?

  • What is the average age of the chickens?

  • What is the most possible diet that would raise chickens with the heaviest average weight?

  • For chicken type 1 and 2, Which one has the heaviest average weight?