• Chinese Wordnet (in cooperation with Academia Sinica)
    ‣ Automatic Labeling of Lexical Semantic Relations
    ‣ Sense Distinction and Disambiguation Methodology
    ‣ Segmentation
  • Web as Corpus and Tools
    ‣ Construction, Evaluation and Applications
    ‣ GIS-enhanced WaC
  • HanziNet/HanziGrid/HanziGraph
    ‣ CJKV Hanzi Network
    ‣ Visualizing the Characters in the Small World
  • Semantic Proximity: Computational and Psychological Perspectives (in cooperation with NTU/Toulouse, Aix Province/NCNU)

  • Ontologizing Hanzi: the Generative Lexicon Approach
  • Qualia Structure and Chinese Morpho-Semantics
  • Diachronic Lexicon