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Poster paper accepted at ROCLING 2019

title: Extracting Semantic Representations of Sexual Biases from Word Vectors authors: Ying Yu Chen and Shu-Kai Hsieh ROCLING 31 : the 31st annual Conference on Computational Linguistics and Speech Processing in Taiwan

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[論文題目] The Construction of a Chinese Collocation Resource with Sense Distinction and its Applications [口試委員] 謝舒凱(台大語言所老師;論文指導老師) 高照明(台大外文系老師) 劉德馨(台大華教學程老師) 龔書萍(嘉義大學外文系老師) 洪媽益(北科大應英系老師)  

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[論文題目] Construction and Applications of a Modern Chinese Parallel Corpus [口試委員] 謝舒凱(台大語言所老師;論文指導老師) 呂佳蓉(台大語言所老師) 高照明(台大外文系老師)

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[論文題目] Event Veridicality in Chinese [口試委員] 謝舒凱(台大語言所老師;論文指導老師) 呂佳蓉(台大語言所老師) 陳正賢(師大英語系老師) 謝佳玲(師大華教所老師) Marie-Catherine de Marneffe(The Department of Linguistics, The Ohio State University )  

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[活動]第三屆語言分析黑客松即將在 5/18 舉辦!


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